Tue, November 30, 2021


Japan govt to provide COVID-19 vaccine, freezers for workplace inoculations

The government intends to provide companies with COVID-19 vaccine, freezers and other medical resources, according to its basic plan on workplace vaccinations.

In principle, the government envisages that at least 2,000 doses will be administered to 1,000 people at one location. Companies will be asked to secure doctors and other necessary personnel on their own, so as not to affect the vaccination programs conducted by local governments.

Inoculations for people 65 or older are currently underway in municipalities across Japan. To achieve the government’s target of 1 million shots a day, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga hopes to increase inoculations by adding workplaces to the venues administering shots.

The government plans to launch workplace vaccinations on June 21, with earlier starts allowed if a company has completed its preparations. The COVID-19 vaccine produced by Moderna, Inc. will be used for workplace vaccinations and needs to be stored at about minus 20 C.

The government plans to deliver vaccine, specialized freezers, syringes and other medical equipment to companies.

Under the basic plan, the government calls for companies to make their own arrangements regarding such elements as doctors, nurses, operational staff and venues. Companies also will be asked to draw up vaccination plans, which include the number of shots to be administered and the expected duration of their programs, and then obtain approval of the plans from the relevant prefectural government.

Workplace vaccinations are expected to be conducted at in-house clinics, or by visiting personnel from external medical institutions. Some companies are also likely to have their employees go to outside medical institutions.

The basic plan states that 400 vaccinations will be possible daily in a setting where three lanes are set up for inoculations with 15 personnel — two doctors, six nurses, six staff members such as receptionists and attendants, and one supervisor of the inoculation site.

The government plans to start workplace vaccinations with large companies that have 1,000 or more employees and then expand the efforts to include chambers of commerce and industry and venues jointly set up by multiple firms. It will soon establish a special section on the website of the Prime Minister’s Office to provide general information about workplace vaccinations.

Published : June 08, 2021

By : The Japan News/ANN