Tue, December 07, 2021


8 killed, 8 arrested in Mandalay shootout

A shootout occurred this morning in Chanmyathazi Township, Mandalay Region, according to neighbourhood residents.

The clash started after security forces searched and raided a house near the corner of 111th Street and 54th Street in Htondon Ward, Chanmyathazi Township.

“Earlier, armed men in plainclothes came. They were wearing bulletproof vests. After the shootout started, many more military trucks arrived. We heard gunfire for a long time,” said a resident near Manawhari Street in the township.

The scene of the shootout was a location of PDF (People’s Defence Force) members, they said in their Facebook post. Some security forces were severely wounded and some PDF members died.

In connection with the incident, the information team of the State Administration Council issued a press release today saying that eight people died and eight others were arrested together with some homemade bombs, grenades and small weapons.

In its Viber group, the information team answered the media questions: “Acting on information that some terrorists had arrived in Mandalay city with arms and ammunition to carry out bomb attacks, security forces serving regional security duties in Chanmyathazi Township went to and searched a house at the corner of 54th Street and 111th Street at about 7.30 am. As the terrorists there attacked them with grenades and small guns, they had to counterattack. In the shootout, some security troops were seriously wounded, four of the terrorist group killed, either others arrested and some homemade bombs, grenades and small weapons seized.”  

The press release also said a white Pajero (still under scrutiny) attacked the security forces with small weapons on 53rd Street and ran away. When the security forces chased them, their car hit the transformer in the corner of 56th and 110th Streets. The dead bodies of four terrorists on board and the car were seized. 

The information team said further information would be released.

Published : June 23, 2021

By : Eleven Media/ANN