Tue, December 07, 2021


Election will definitely be held in around two years: Senior General

According to an interview with Russia 24 news media, the general election will be certainly be held and will take around two years to do so, said Senior General Min Aung Hlaing. 

The interview, recorded on June 22, was aired on MRTV on June 25. 

In the interview, the State Administration Council's Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing said that ever since the takeover, five objectives have been highlighted and will be carried out after the emergency period and everything else that needs to be done had concluded.

"It will definitely be done. But it needs to reach a stable and peaceful situation first. Preparations also have to be made regarding the next elections. I want to assure that if those things are done, the election will be carried out. 

THe Senior General says that according to the constitution, the state of emergency will only be allowed for one year and is extendable, should things be unfinished, by up to six months twice. 

"As of now, the nation's affairs are a point where it is not a 100 percent complete in terms of peace and stability. By taking that into account, it will be roughly around two years even though it is too early for me to say so."

He goes to on say that electoral fraud being committed and the refusal to address them early through discussion and other means had led to the current turmoil.

The Senior general says that these were unexpected difficulties on the path to develop democracy in Myanmar, also saying that acts of terror, from any side, will be dealt with according to the law. 

"If it goes over, it will be dealt with according to the law. Everything will be carried out according to the law if any groups go overboard. There is nothing to debate over this whle thing for us," said Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.


He also says that there are many misunderstandings and accusations on the military forces that were retaliating against acts of terror and that while every nation usually allow its citizens to protest against a government, peace must be kept by security forces to safeguard civilians and rule of law.

Published : June 27, 2021

By : Eleven Media / ANN