Fri, December 03, 2021


[Myanmar] Explosions occur on Myaynigon Overpass, EPC office in Hline Township

Explosions occurred on Myaynigon Overpass in Sanchaung Township and near the electric power corporation office on Insein Road in Hline Township, Yangon Region this morning.

One explosion occurred on the overpass when security forces got off their car and removed a poster hanged at the bridge handrail reading anti-government words.

“Today, an explosion occurred on the overpass. Yesterday, an explosion occurred at the traffic police post under this overpass. The blast was loud. Police cars arrived and they blocked the bridge,” said a resident in Sanchaung Township.

After the explosion today, Myaynigon Overpass was blocked temporarily for security checks. Whether there was any casualty is still under investigation.

Another explosion occurred near the township EPC office on Insein Road in Hline Township at about 10 am today. But no one was hurt, according to nearby sources.

“When I just started opening our shop (on Insein Road) in the morning, I heard an explosion,” said a worker of the shop. “Police cars and military trucks arrived at the scene. They carried out security checks and patrolled the area.”

After the explosion, a truck with security forces was seen in front of the EPC office at about 1pm. In the previous days, people were queuing in front of the office in Hline Township to pay electricity bills.

Published : July 03, 2021

By : Eleven Media/ANN