Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Asean sees almost 100,000 new Covid cases

The number of Covid-19 cases in Southeast Asia crossed 8.31 million, with 97,857 new cases reported on Wednesday, higher than Tuesday’s tally of 94,201.



There were 2,723 more deaths, decreasing from Tuesday’s 3,201 and taking total Covid-19 deaths in Asean to 178,346.

The Philippines reported 12,021 new cases and 154 deaths on Wednesday, bringing cumulative cases in that country to 1,688,040 patients and a total 29,374 deaths so far.

The government will give a handout of 1,000 pesos, or THB661, to people who have been affected by the latest lockdown in Manila. About 80 per cent of the city’s 13 million residents are expected to be eligible for the handout.

The Manila lockdown includes nighttime curfew, no dining in at restaurants and a ban on outdoor activities. It is estimated to cost the economy around THB100 billion per week.

Vietnam meanwhile reported 8,766 new cases and 342 deaths, bringing cumulative cases in the country to 236,901 patients and a total 4,487 deaths.

The fourth wave of the pandemic in Vietnam, which started on April 27, is the fastest spreading wave with a total of 228,990 new infections.

Most of the new cases have been found in the country’s economic hub of Ho Chi Minh City, prompting the government to put the city and surrounding southern provinces under maximum control measures until September 1.

Published : August 12, 2021