Thursday, September 23, 2021


Tokyo vaccine lottery leaves young people waiting, fuming

A lottery system for COVID-19 vaccinations in Tokyo failed to placate young people’s demand for inoculations, despite the metropolitan government’s move to make the system fairer.



Tokyo’s new reservation-free COVID-19 vaccination center for young people in Shibuya Ward saw lines Saturday reaching at one point as far as Harajuku Station about a kilometer away. Lots were distributed to 2,226 people and about one-sixth of them, or 354, won the right to receive the vaccination the same day. Their second shot will also be available at the same location.

When this vaccination center opened at Workers’ Welfare Hall on Friday, the system was first come, first served. As only around 300 doses can be given each day, it was changed to a lottery system.

“It’s hard to get the vaccination whether by lottery or appointment,” said a 33-year-old part-time worker who waited for nearly three hours and was unsuccessful in the lottery. “Isn’t it the same in the end?”

A 17-year-old female student in her second year of high school who won the lottery said she wanted to have a normal high school life as time for her club and other activities had been cut short.

Tokyo continued with the lottery system on Sunday while also providing information about reservation-only vaccination venues at the north and south observatories at the Tokyo metropolitan government building and in the Nogizaka area of Minato Ward.

Published : August 30, 2021