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Vietnam keen on developing clean and renewable energy sources: PM

HÀ NỘI — Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính said that Việt Nam is extremely keen to develop renewable energy sources.

He made the remarks in a videotaped speech at the 4th International Forum "Russian Energy Week" held in Moscow from October 13-15, 2021, at the invitation of the leaders and Government of the Russian Federation.

In his speech, the Prime Minister emphasised the important role of the Russian Federation in the global energy industry, helping to maintain stability and balance in the international energy market.

PM Chính said that "Russian Energy Week" contributes to strengthening dialogue and cooperation between countries, especially public-private cooperation in developing the energy industry in an effective and sustainable way for the common good of nations and all mankind.

He noted that as a country with the leading economic growth rate in ASEAN but strongly affected by climate change, Việt Nam is well aware of the importance of increasing the proportion of renewable energy associated with economical, efficient and sustainable use of energy.

Việt Nam is developing a national electricity development plan for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision to 2045, with three major orientations.

Accordingly, Việt Nam promotes the diversification of energy sources, focusing on developing clean and renewable energy sources. To achieve these goals, the country has issued many mechanisms to encourage the development of wind power, biomass power, electricity from solid waste and solar power.

For fossil energy sources, there is a gradual reduction plan and almost no new coal-fired power plants are developed. It is expected to strongly develop gas thermal power, including thermal power using domestic gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LNG).

Việt Nam will also increase energy efficiency and savings, actively implementing the Paris Agreement on climate change, and has developed a national programme on economical and efficient use of energy for the 2019-2030 period.

PM Chính said that Việt Nam always treasures its traditional friendship with Russia, in which energy cooperation has been very effective between the two countries for decades, while mentioning that many large energy projects in Việt Nam bear the mark of friendship and cooperation between the two countries such as Hoà Bình Hydropower Plant and Uông Bí Thermal Power Plant.

He said oil and gas cooperation is an important pillar of the Việt Nam - Russia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, with many joint ventures and projects continuing to operate effectively in both Viet Nam and Russia. 

These successes are the premise for Việt Nam and the Russian Federation to expand cooperation in the fields of new energy, renewable energy, green and clean energy, he said.

In the context that the world is suffering from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and the decline of natural resources, PM Chính once again emphasised the need for a global approach that is inclusive, equitable and mutually beneficial. 

The strengthening of international cooperation between countries plays a very important role in ensuring energy security, sustainable development, minimising the impact on the environment and for the common interests of the international community, he said.

Chính said that Việt Nam will continue to improve its institutions, policies and laws to support the development of the energy industry; encouraging the promotion of public - private cooperation mechanisms; continue to create favourable conditions for businesses of the Russian Federation and other countries to invest and do business in the energy field in the country.

"Russian Energy Week" is an important energy event, organised based on the initiative of the Russian Government since 2017 to discuss development issues and international cooperation in the energy field.

This year's forum, with the theme "World Energy: Transformation for Development", attracted the participation of more than 1,000 Russian and international delegates, including leaders of many countries, international organisations and leading energy corporations from around the world. Russian President Vladimir Putin also delivered a speech at the forum. — VNS

Published : October 18, 2021

By : Vietnam News