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MONDAY, October 03, 2022
Lost pup reunited with owner after pitch incursion during Chilean league game

Lost pup reunited with owner after pitch incursion during Chilean league game

WEDNESDAY, August 17, 2022

An adopted puppy which breached security and darted on to the pitch during a clash between two Chilean Premier League football teams has finally been reunited with its owner.

Matias Gayozo had almost lost all hope of finding his missing Beagle called Toby when he received a call from animal group Huellitas de Collao, which said Toby had been found 20 kilometres away.

During the 20th minute of Sunday’s league clash between Fernandez Vial and Universidad de Concepcion, several football players tried to stop Toby from causing havoc, but they failed.

The little canine made its way to the 12-yard line, stopping to defecate on the goal line. Universidad goalkeeper Manuel García decided to take his gloves off and clean up the mess.

The dog was successfully caught after several minutes of mayhem.

On Monday, Huellitas de Collao gave Toby’s owner the good news that the dog was discovered 20km away from the stadium in Concepcion.

Gayozo told Chilean publication Sabes that the puppy just loves to run, as tens of thousands witnessed on television when the little creature invaded the pitch.

“We were very happy to get him back to Villa Montahue. He is already at home, warm, without going through all the cold that we imagine he would find himself in on the streets,” Gayozo added gleefully.