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A major step forward in online education

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Re: “Three-way push for transformation of KMITL into a digital university”, The Nation, September 16.



I wish the King Mongkut Institute of Technology every success with its plans to become the Kingdom’s first online university. I know the size of the challenge that awaits them. Many years ago my employer took a similar decision, which eventually proved beneficial to the new generation. 
Indeed many such organisations got a head start when it comes to digitalisation, and Thailand is now pushing to catch up, with its goals for “4.0” status. Lagging behind is not such a big issue as long as one realises the absolute necessity in economic terms of joining the “next industrial revolution” and that it takes blood, sweat and tears to close the gap. 
Mongkut Institute has teamed up with the Huawei Digital Transformation Partner, internationally renowned in the sphere of digitalisation and a good choice. But while Mongkut Institute can help deliver the tools for Thailand’s transformation, changing the rote learning system that is preventing the country from making this leap is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education.
Dirk Sumter

Published : September 26, 2017