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Sick of the big issues? Let’s take a coffee break

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Re: “Come to think of it, there is one local issue worth worrying about”, Have Your Say, May 9.

Perhaps we can pick up an issue about coffee drinking in Thailand. 
I am a daily visitor to Amazon Cafe and twice in a row at the branch in King Kaew Road, my request for a little milk to go with the black coffee was flatly rejected.
The reason the Amazon staff gave was that milk was not included in the recipe with black coffee. So, I had to end up buying a cappuccino instead. 
(I have to say thank you to all other Amazon branches that have broken their regulation and are kind enough to give me some milk.)
I remember in the old days in the UK, the waitress who served us coffee would politely ask, “Any milk or sugar?”. But in Thailand, for some unknown reason, local small coffee shops serve either black coffee or latte/cappuccino. There is no such thing as a plain coffee with milk only.
But for a professional coffee giant like Amazon, is it a little ungenerous just to save that few drops of milk?
Yingwai Suchaovanich

Published : May 09, 2018