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US Democrats rushing to impeach Trump before truth comes out

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Re: “US Republicans morally bankrupt after succumbing to Don the Con”, Have Your Say, September 25. 

I can’t help noting the appalling hypocrisy of Eric Bahrt’s last comment, trying to paint Bill Clinton as a saint because no charges were ever levelled against him.
George W Bush, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell started a war in Iraq using fake information, yet no charges were filed against them. Brett Kavanaugh had an impeccable record until some women decided to tarnish his reputation without proof over something that might have happened 36 years ago. 
Why is this happening? 
The Democrats are desperate and looking for leverage because Russian interference never existed. The reality is not Russian collusion but collaboration between the Democrats and the UK to undermine Trump’s campaign. 
The Democrats hope to impeach Trump before the truth comes out. 
Eric’s idol Hillary has never been indicted but it appears her days are numbered.
Clara Holzer

Published : September 26, 2018