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Nothing like a good night’s sleep

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A recent research study conducted by the Department of Public Health found that 3040 per cents of Thais have inadequate sleep and 10 per cent face a chronic insomnia problem, which may affect the process of thinking and analysis, significantly decreasing efficiency at work.

Because sleeping is such a crucial part of life, Kridchanok Patamasatayasonthi, managing director, Index Living Mall ltd, recently introduced “Perfect Sleep” at Index Living Mall, Bang Na branch. 
The event honoured by Gregory Wong, Commercial Counsellor at the US Embassy in Bangkok and Jeffrey Bergman, president and COO of PureCare, along with numerous health conscious celebrities. The brand also introduced actress Kimberley Anne Woltemas, as brand ambassador.

Nothing like a good night’s sleep
Kimberley joined the talk with experts about quality sleep, together with Dr.Wanwiput Sanphansitvong, a physician at the Vitallife Wellness Centre of Bumrungrad International Hospital, Warisa Chanbun, of the Mind Home Clinic, Yossinee Nanakorn and Teerapat Sajakul. 
“Perfect Sleep”, created as a sleep solution centre in a OneStop Service format, emphasises solving problems and generating quality sleep. Apart from products of worldstandard quality, “Perfect Sleep” also provides physiotherapists specialised in ergonomic science as consultants to those facing sleep problems. The research notes that adequate rest is not only about having 78 hours sleep per day, but is also dependent on other factors, such as sleep position, bedroom decoration, the features of mattress, scent, light, noise and even bedding accessories. All these elements enable quality sleep and allow both body and mind to rest. 
“At Index, we have many customers inquiring how on how to choose the right bedding product to have better sleep. We also became aware of just how many people are facing problems with their sleep. This finding generated the idea of creating a service area at our Bang Na branch to address sleep solutions through a full product range for all body types as well as offerings a consulting service provided by professional physiotherapists,” says Kridchanok.

Nothing like a good night’s sleep
Pichapim Patamasatayasonthi, vice president of product development, added: “The service starts with three easy steps. The first is a quiz on the sleeping lifestyle of each individual to get data to compare with products that fit. The next step is to consult with physiotherapists who will advise on the proper sleep position for each person, while the last step is the monitoring process with equipment guaranteed by the global medical society for finding the proper mattress and pillow with Sleep Scanning. This equipment can be used to detect the body pressure against the mattress, and displays vivid visuals of the spots that undergo the most pressure. The visuals are then turned into numbers and finally our experts will explain the right bedding solutions to support the body best while asleep.”

Published : December 18, 2018

By : The Nation