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An extra sparkle for the month of love

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Swarovski unveils its new Valentine’s collection

SWAROVSKI MARKS the season of love with a Valentine’s Day collection of jewellery that takes its inspiration from a love cruise around the Italian islands of Capri, Formentera, Portofino and Stromboli. 
The brand dials up the power of love and sparkle with feminine, pretty styles that embody modernity, a seductive palette of soft nudes and pinks, clean lines and fresh interpretations of classic symbols of love.

An extra sparkle for the month of love

 Crystalline Glam watch, Bt16,900

The jewellery is designed around the themes of Lifelong, One and Crystalline Glam that tap into the romantic trend with a fresh take on love’s meaningful motifs and make brilliant gifts to give or to receive.
Symbolic of eternal love, the Lifelong Bow series has a playful, refined and modern touch for the coming summer season. Sleek lines reimagine a flowing ribbon in a duo of interlocking metallic tones, while refined Swarovski crystal pave exudes modern elegance.

An extra sparkle for the month of love

One pendant, Bt4,990

The One line boasts stackable rings, adjustable y-necklaces and chokers to spotlight love’s most well-known sign. The refined new designs pair millennium pink whimsical hues with Swarovski crystal pave to deliver sweet sentiments that add a touch of sparkle to daytime looks and dial up the glamour when layered together or worn with glittering Swarovski Remix Collection strands.

An extra sparkle for the month of love

 Lifelong Bow earrings, Bt4,990

The dial on the Crystalline Glam watch shines brightly with around 800 Swarovski crystals guaranteed to brighten up any outfit, not to mention mood. Wrap up the stacked wrist trend by adding the glittering heart-shaped Lovely bracelet into the mix.
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Published : February 15, 2019

By : The Nation Weekend