Sat, January 22, 2022


Why China is right to tame its supremacist Muslim minority

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A conflict is brewing in the Have Your Say section, concerning China’s treatment of Uighurs in its Xinjiang region. I detest China’s bullying policy on Taiwan and Tibet and its encroachment in the South China Sea.

Nonetheless, when it comes to dealing with the Uighurs, I think China is doing the right thing. 
Muslims are taught that they have moral superiority. They don’t want to integrate with non-Muslims because they believe their culture is superior. They call non-Muslims “Kafir”, an Arabic term of offence that means “infidel” or “non-believer”. Moreover, when you give Muslims an inch, they want the whole mile. Once their population in a country is dense enough, they want to separate and establish their own independent state. For evidence, look no farther than the restive deep South of Thailand. Show me a country where minority Muslims co-exist peacefully with the host country and I’ll show you a unicorn. The two major branches of Islam, Sunni and Shia, can’t even live together peacefully with each other, let alone with different faiths. 
I am not a big fan of China, but I must let this Uighur issue slide. Nip a problem in the bud.
Somsak Pola 
Samut Prakan

Published : February 20, 2019