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Churchill’s reputation will survive ill-judged comparisons with Hitler   

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Re: “British not to blame for India’s ‘war on children’”, Have Your Say, February 22.

Author Shashi Tharoor, so effectively “outed” by Alexandre de Lesseps, has claimed that Churchill was “one of the more evil rulers of the 20th century, fit only to stand in the company of Hitler, Stalin and Mao”, and that “Churchill had as much blood on his hands as Hitler”. Against some very stiff opposition, these are just about the most idiotic, ignorant, offensive and nonsensical quotes I have ever come across. It is remarkable how even presumably intelligent, well-educated people, when consumed by a particular obsession, can so easily become detached from a moral compass, common sense and good judgement.
Churchill was a flawed and complex character, with a career often mired in controversy, but I am sure that his reputation as one of Britain’s greatest national heroes will endure long after the names of his detractors at home and abroad, especially the odious Tharoor, have been consigned to well deserved oblivion.
Bryan Lindsay

Published : February 25, 2019