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FRIDAY, October 07, 2022
Talking with the animals

Talking with the animals

WEDNESDAY, March 06, 2019

Seacon Square welcomes the long school holiday by hosting the “Seacon Pet Cafe” for the first time in Thailand.

From March 8-17, the Main Atrium on the first floor of Seacon Square Shopping Centre will be transformed into an adorable pet cafe bringing together friendly pets and rare animals under one roof. Savoury and sweet dishes, as well as yummy drinks, will be available.
“The mall will gather all the popular pet cafes from the virtual world and turn them into reality. Cute pets as well as friendly rare and exotic animals will be here for visitors to witness closely,” says Rutchanee Preedakamonrat, the shopping centre’s marketing activity manager. 
Among the pets tapped for the Little Zoo Café are Gong the shortlegged corgi, Ton, the shortlegged munchkin cat with a grumpy expression, and Timon, the leader of a pickpocketing meerkat gang. At the Pool Time Cafe, visitors can chill out with Yeepoon, the timid racoon and the more playful Boo and Bobby while at At Cafe et Tou Tou, visitors will play with Balon, a fluffy Siberian husky in need of love and Monte, a playful Samoyed that loves to shake hands. 
At the Makura Cat Cafe, you’ll meet Maunmek the needy and talkative cat and Elmo, the fatfaced cat with funny face that cat lovers will want to hug. Other felines hanging out include Persian, American shorthair, Mainecoon and Scottish breeds,
Rabbit Cafe houses various species of rabbits, such as Holland Lop rabbits, N D rabbits, and French Lop rabbits. At Animal Holic visitors will enjoy feeding or taking photos with tame birds of various species, such as gnarly parrot, sun conure parrot, green cheek parrot, lovebird parrot, macaw parrot, Moluccan cockatoo, whitefaced owl, European owl, snowy owl and many more.
Snake lovers get to commune with a golden python, a golden boa, a ball python, a corn snake and a hognose snake. 
Suanpalm Farmnok will show off elegance of waterfowls, such as white swans, black swans, Egyptian goose, Canadian geese, hawkfaced geese, eaglefaced geese, barheaded geese and many more.
For more information, please call (02) 721 8888 or visit and Facebook/SeaconSquareFanPage