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Thailand sees dip in hotel prices

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The latest Hotel Price Index (HPI) from revealed no sign of a slowdown for the global travel industry. The price travellers paid for overnight accommodation rose 3 per cent globally in 2018 across every regional index, except for the Pacific including Thailand. 

On the other hand, Thai travellers paid an average price of Bt1,720 a night for their domestic accommodation in 2018, a 7-per-cent decrease compared with 2017, and paid the same average price of Bt4,437 a night for international accommodation in both 2018 and 2017.
The growth in travel comes despite global uncertainties including Brexit, California wildfires, South African drought and Japanese earthquakes. Travellers also showed resilience and renewed confidence in destinations touched by unrest: Paris, Egypt, Turkey; regions experiencing currency fluctuation: South America; and areas affected by natural disaster: North America. Despite the overall growth in global accommodation prices, average prices paid for domestic accommodation in Thailand have decreased, with average prices for international beds remaining stable.
Adam Jay, president of the brand, said, “‘HPI has always given us a good barometer on the industry and helps give us an insight into global travel trends. This year we have seen growth despite a lot of political challenges and natural disasters, which indicates that the industry shows no signs of slowing down.”

Published : April 15, 2019

By : The Nation