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American-Israeli lobby is pushing US towards calamitous war with Iran

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As an American Jew I have long argued that America’s one-sided support of Israel is not only immoral but also doesn’t serve US interests.

If you have read Osama bin Ladin’s propaganda you’ll know that America’s pro-Israeli policies were a factor in what led to the 9/11 attacks.
The American-Israeli lobby also lobbied for America to go to war in Iraq, because that’s what Israel wanted. And Israel is now trying to get America into a war with Iran that would make the Iraq war look like a Sunday picnic by contrast.
I regard the American-Israeli lobby as being extremely unpatriotic because they represent the interests of a foreign country. (Although it’s difficult to get an exact number, there are tens of thousands of Jews who are simultaneously American and Israeli citizens.) And what really upsets me is that the media make it appear as if those Zionists represent most American Jews, when they clearly don’t.
Eric Bahrt
Chiang Mai

Published : May 23, 2019