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Please don’t erase Stephff’s unique and funny view of Thailand

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Open letter to the owners of The Nation



I have just read that you have decided not to employ any more foreigners in your newspaper. This is regrettable, especially with regards to your cartoonist. Stephff is a crucial part of The Nation’s identity. His daily cartoons show that you are independent and have a good sense of humour.
I hope you can change your decision and keep Stephane “Stephff” Peray, who is a great professional!
Arnaud Nazare-Aga 

A special edition of the best cartoons, please

Read recently of your decision to switch off the print version and go with an all-digital strategy. While I commend you for the eco-friendly message this sends, personally I prefer the print version and have been buying it daily. While many things have moved on, newspapers have proven to be something most individuals love to hold in their hands. 
While I am not challenging your decision, which must have been made after due research, I urge you to deliver the digital content without any scaling back. Also, I hope you retain your cartoonist, who is just great. After the front-page headlines, the cartoon is the first thing I turn to each day. Could we have a special edition of cartoons printed over the last 25 years before the printing presses are switched off? This would be a collector’s souvenir never to be repeated.

These pictures are worth pages of printed reports 

Please keep his cartoons on your online publication. His drawings each day give a picture of the Thai political situation that is worth a thousand words of newsprint. 

Funny, honest and creative
I understand the printed version of The Nation will ceased to exist soon. That’s a pity as I enjoyed reading it for over 25 years.
But what is an outright shame would be any move to cease the daily cartoons of Stephff. His creative, funny and honest art makes me laugh every time I see it published.If you want me and many others to visit The Nation’s website in the future, you should reconsider your decision.
Wim Reijnen

The main reason I read The Nation…

I understand The Nation is going all-digital, and as such, some staff members are being made redundant. One of those people is Mr Stephane, and his op-ed drawings. I don’t agree with Mr Stephane’s viewpoints consistently, but his cartoons do make me smile and think. I believe you’ll be doing a great disservice to your customers by letting him go, and I won’t visit or sign up for your newspaper if he’s not employed.

A rare haven of free expression in Thai media
I was aghast to learn today that The Nation will no longer be publishing political cartoons of Stephff. This is a great loss to the expat and English-speaking community at large and to political dialogue in Thailand. If free expression and diverse ideas are important to you as a news outlet, I would seriously reconsider this very bad decision. 
Kevin P Colleary 
A witty window on Thailand for foreigners

I wish to express my disappointment at hearing Stephane’s cartoons will not be included in the online edition. As a UK resident, I visit the Nation website for the daily snapshot of Thailand that these cartoons provide.
R Payne

Keeping the cartoons in digital edition would make sense

I am concerned to learn of your plans to dispense with the services of the talented cartoonist Stephane Peray (Stephff) when The Nation ceases printing in favour of a digital-only format. I have no doubt that many loyal readers of The Nation will agree with me that your best hope of retaining readership in the digital age is to retain your most highly valued editorial contributors. The 19th-century adage that “the pen is mightier than the sword’ is particularly apt in Thailand in the wake of recent political developments.

Editor’s note: Thank you to the several dozen readers in the past day who have written to express the pleasure they take in Stephff’s daily cartoons.   

Published : June 06, 2019