Three Sinovac jabs provide 94% immunity against Omicron, doctor claims citing study


Three Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine jabs is another interesting option to deal with Omicron as it gives around 94 per cent protection against the virus, Public Health Commission vice chairman Dr Chalermchai Boonyaleephan claimed on Wednesday, citing a study.

He said Omicron has spread across 100 countries less than a month after the World Health Organisation’s variant of concern announcement on November 26, faster than the Delta variant by up to three months.

He also cited data from Pfizer, saying two Pfizer jabs provided just 33 per cent immunity against Omicron, but this immunity would increase to around 90 per cent after the third Pfizer jab.

“A recent study showed that two Sinovac jabs gave 35 per cent immunity against Omicron, but the immunity increases to around 94 per cent after receiving the third Sinovac jab. The immunity generated from three Sinovac jabs is equal to three Pfizer jabs,” he said.

“Therefore, the Sinovac vaccine is another interesting option to deal with Omicron when the development of new vaccines is not yet completed.”

Chalermchai said that apart from 1 billion Sinovac doses administered to people in China, another 800 million doses have been given to people in 44 countries, including 54 per cent of people in the Asia Pacific, 28 per cent in South America, 13 per cent in Europe and 5 per cent in Africa.

“Thailand should consider and follow studies on inactivated, viral vector and mRNA vaccines closely to be ready to deal with Omicron,” he advised.

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