Mon, June 27, 2022


Covid-19 infections far less severe after mRNA shots: lung specialist

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Recipients of mRNA jabs (Pfizer or Moderna) have reported far less severe Covid-19 symptoms compared to those who have taken other vaccines against the virus, a respiratory specialist said.

However, Dr Manoon Leechawengwongs from Vichaiyut Hospital warned that people can be hit with a Covid-19 infection despite receiving a third or fourth jab.

He said people who have received three mRNA jabs or two AstraZeneca jabs and an mRNA booster may not require a fourth jab if they have been infected by the Omicron variant, because their immunity will be very high.

However, he said, those who have received two Sinovac jabs and an AstraZeneca booster or have been infected by Omicron after getting two AstraZeneca jabs should receive one mRNA booster, he said.

An mRNA vaccine’s side effects include pain at the injection site, swollen arm, fatigue, body ache, headache and fever for a couple of days.

He said myocarditis and pericarditis after two mRNA jabs were mostly found in men aged below 39. Most of them developed mild symptoms and recovered on their own, Dr Manoon added, pointing out that the possibility of developing myocarditis after getting an mRNA jab is very low. He also said that myocarditis was rarely found in people who had received a third or fourth mRNA booster.

Published : June 24, 2022