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Hi-tech glasses to fit ageing sore eyes

Jul 25. 2019
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Many people have difficulty focusing their eyes on nearby objects as they reach beyond age 35 or 40. The need to use a “progressive” lens simply increases with age.

Leading eyeglass centre Isoptik has partnered with Rodenstock, a manufacturer of eyeglass lenses and a specialist in the development of optical lenses from Germany, to recently launch the “Ultra X Progressive” lens.

Using cutting-edge technology and innovation, the new lens combines draws on elaborate techniques to make a very good fit. It has been designed to make the adjustment to the new lens a user-friendly experience, and is designed to be suitable for every type of activity – all in one pair.

The lens provides sharp and realistic images while viewing computer screens, tablets, mobile phones, as well as for reading books, driving and playing sports for several consecutive hours.

Available exclusively at the Isoptik Eyeglasses Centre, the lenses provide progressive power and infinitely variable sharp vision at all distances. The centre will individualise design of the glasses for each customer in order to provide the highest quality of vision.

The correct glasses are a worthwhile investment, as they can immediately increase the brain’s efficiency and allow people to live life to the fullest.

Somboon Numtipjuntacharern, director of Isoptik Eyeglasses Centre, said they have extensive expertise and are committed to creating glasses are suitable for the behaviour of each customer’s eyesight. “Our ability to see will decrease as we advance in age. When using the brain to force the eyes to see harder, this inevitably reduces the performance of the brain and makes you feel tired easily. This is especially true for those who are around 40 years old and are starting to have problems looking at near objects, forcing them to stare intently and extend the distance of the object,” he said.

Current progressive lens technology can assist people over the age of 40, but it still has its limitations, such as distorting side images and causing great discomfort when turning the head, he said. Focusing on the image is also slow, uncomfortable, and does not feel natural, causing difficulties in gauging distances. The visual quality is low, resulting in the need to focus all the time, therefore causing further problems.

At the launch event for the glasses, Professor Arwut Srisukhri described the importance of having glasses that comfortably fit the eyes. “Currently, I am 89 years old, and previously had to have several glasses. However, when I bought my first Isoptik eyeglass, I could immediately feel the difference compared to using my previous eyeglasses. I could see clearly in both eyes and my side vision was also very clear just like a normal eye without glasses. Now my eyes work very well, I feel it can take me back half of my age.”

Chutinan Bhirombhakdi, the executive vice president of Boon Rawd Brewery Ltd, noted he is “quite active in work, sports, bike riding, and swimming. When choosing eyeglasses, they must be able to fulfill all of my requirements. I used to get glasses in both Thailand and foreign countries, but could not find the ideal eyeglass. Fortunately, I found Isoptik and I have been using just this pair of glasses for last 10 years already.”

The talk ended with Dr Amnuay Santiwipanon, a specialty dentist in oral and maxillofacial surgery at Yanhee Hospital. His daily work requires safety and using his eyes as he looks through a wide range of distances. “Five years ago, my eyes were becoming far-sighted, and I had to constantly remove and put on my glasses, as my work requires me to use my eyes operating on the dentist chair and in the operating room. Therefore, it made work very difficult. Isoptik eyeglasses gave me better vision, with no headaches or further eye pain in my work. My work efficiency has improved.”

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