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Now everybody can have that ‘glass skin’

Sep 02. 2019
Jung Saem Mool was lived demonstration on stage. // Nationphoto: Anant Chantarasoot
Jung Saem Mool was lived demonstration on stage. // Nationphoto: Anant Chantarasoot
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By Kupluthai Pungkanon
The Nation

Famous South Korean makeup artist Jung Seam Mool, whose name is synonymous with the translucent, fresh, dewy looks of K-stars, has made her tricks for a flawless complexion available everybody at Siam Centre, ground floor. 

Jung Saem Mool is known for launching new trends, such as the mysterious pink Jeon Ji Hyun wore on her lips in “My Sassy Girl”, Lee Seung Yeon’s nude makeup in the film “Love in Your Arms”, figure skater Kim Yuna’s smoky eyes, lux styles for the band members of Kara, BoA and Girl Generation to name a few. 

The makeup artist’s signature is the flawless, translucent, “glass skin” look, and last week, she showed just how we can achieve it by mixing concealer and foundation and applying it in a particular manner so it highlights the bone structure and also gives you that dewy look. For the non-professionals among us, her new product line is easy to use and promises to give us all a natural glow. 

Jung said her make-up brand was created with more than 30 years of know-how and her commitment to the concept: “Beauty starts from you. Just believe.” 

She said this concept gave rise to three main ideas that have been applied to all her products – natural, trendy and professional. 

“The most important thing is to create a flawlessly beautiful skin texture, which has made the ‘glass skin’ theory famous worldwide. The glass skin concept is a naturally light and smooth makeup style that makes the skin look hydrated and luminous. Our products carry ingredients that help moisturise the skin and are also light. This should help everybody create their everyday look like it’s been done by a professional makeup artist.” 

Jung Saem Mool uses seven key techniques in her art. The first is “thin and thick”, in which she contours the face with a three-dimensional effect, making thick parts of the face look closer and thin parts farther; the “warm and cool” technique to create a youthful look; “wet and dry” technique that keeps the make up on the face for longer; “lost and found” which makes the eyes and lips look bigger; “focal point” that focuses on the highlight of the face; and her “simple and complex” and “old and new” techniques in which she uses the latest colours to match each individual’s personal style. 

The brand’s light-textured products that help conceal imperfections and give your skin her signature luminosity come in four groups: base makeup, makeup, skincare and makeup tools. 

Visit Jungsaemmoolthailand on Facebook and JSMbeauty_th on Instagram for more information.

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