Japanese company recalls Lay’s potato chips imported from Thailand


Japan Frito-Lay Ltd has asked customers to voluntarily return 3,348 bags of Lay's Original potato chips imported from Thailand after they found a large amount of glycoalkaloids, the Facebook page “Krob Krueng Rueng Yee Poon” (all about Japan) posted on Thursday.

The page said that eating a large amount of glycoalkaloids at one time could cause many symptoms, such as diarrhoea, vomiting, and stomachache.

In a statement, Pepsi‑Cola (Thai) Trading Co Ltd said on Thursday that Japan Frito-Lay Ltd had asked customers to return bags of 140g Lay's Original chips imported from Thailand after a customer complained that it was bitter and had an astringent taste.

The company explained that glycoalkaloid occurs naturally in potatoes. It was not a residual, additive, or contaminating substance.

PepsiCo assured about the quality of its potatoes and that they were produced with maximum safety adhering to international and the Food and Drug Administration’s standards. The company added that it uses only safe ingredients and follows regulations strictly.