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MSU science class rush to send sterilised pork treats to hungry flood victims

Sep 16. 2019
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By The Nation

A food sciences lecturer and his students at Mahasarakham University (MSU), are rushing to pull together 10,000 packs of sterilised grilled pork and sticky rice to send to Udon Ratchathani, as the province endures severe floods with some victims in remote areas experiencing hunger as they are unable to leave their homes.

Dr Aswin Amonsin and students sent 2,000 packs on Monday (September 16), and are working toward the remaining 8,000 packages.

The packages were named “Kong Khao Noi Hai Mae” (Little rice box for mum) which plays with the name of the famous northeastern folklore tale, Kong Khao Noi Kha Mae (Little rice box kill mum). The students are urgently pursuing their goal so as to help those suffering from hunger.

The process to sterilise the grilled pork with sticky rice is the same as that of the traditional cooking process. After being filled with food, each pack will have its opening sealed and undergo a sterilisation process before a logo is put on and it is sent to its destination.

This sterilised grilled pork and sticky rice package is expected to be safe for keeping for two years outside a refrigerator.

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