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Mitr Phol kicks off project to help farmers earn more

Scheme encourages farmers to also grow soybean so soil can remain rich

To increase farm income and reduce the use of chemical fertilisers, Mitr Phol has allied with Green Spot Co, Kubota Corporation and the Soybean and Rice Bran Oil Processor Association to kick off a pilot project to promote soybean farming among sugarcane planters in more than 10 provinces in the Central region and Northeast.
Planting soybeans will facilitate soil nourishment.
By enhancing soil fertility and raising sugarcane productivity by 15 tonnes per rai in a sustainable manner, the project will generate more income for farmers and reduce soybean imports. 
Mitr Phol will provide cane farmers with enhanced access to knowledge about the benefits of planting soybeans. Siam Kubota will offer information and advice on how to plant and harvest soybeans and on the appropriate use of agricultural equipment to reduce costs and increase productivity. 
Green Spot, the producer of Vitamilk soy milk, and the association will buy all the soybeans from farmers at attractive prices. 
The initiative has received tremendous support from state agencies including the Agriculture Department and the Agricultural Extension Department, both of which have supplied quality seeds that suit particular areas of the country and provided information on how to grow soybeans and how to prevent plant diseases. 
They have also inspired farmers with useful education and advice from skilful agricultural officers to ensure the project fulfils its objectives and helps farmers achieve increased quantity and quality of soybeans. 
The pilot project is undertaken in Mitr Phol’s cane plantations and it became operational in the Central region in Suphan Buri and the Northeast in Kalasin.
The project will be extended to other cane promotion areas under the supervision of Mitr Phol in 10 provinces. The first soybean harvest is expected to be about 200 tonnes. 
This project represents a guaranteed market for farmers and the replacement of imported raw materials. The world commodity price index shows higher prices for food-grade soybeans and also for soybeans used to produce oil.

Published : December 08, 2013

By : The Nation