Sat, December 04, 2021


Behind the lens: Viewpoint of a professional whale observer EP.1

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Brydes whales are usually spotted on the East coast of Thailand every year between July and September, and their photographs regularly flood social media.

“Jirayu Wildlife Photography” Facebook page is among them, and the Nation Thailand chats with page owner Jirayu Ekkul about his inspiration, work and his observation tours that offer a closer look at marine life.

• Jirayu’s views of whales over the years as a conservationist

• Whales and Thailand’s seas

• How many whale observation tours are available in Thailand and do they contribute to conservation?

• The wonder of spotting a whale for the first time

• Key points of ecotourism

Jirayu’s work can be seen at:

• Wild Encounter Thailand

• Jirayu Wildlife Photography

Let’s wait to see what Jirayu captures in the next episode on August 29,2021 at 11 AM.

Published : August 28, 2021