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Line releases infographic to mark 2016

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TO CELEBRATE another year as Thailand's leading platform, Line Thailand has released an infographic outlining the company's milestones for 2016. 
Among 2016's highlights for Line Thailand are Line Man being rated the country's No 1 food delivery app; Line Today being rated the No 1 mobile news portal; Line Game finishing the year as the No 1 mobile gaming platform; Line TV notching 12 million downloads; Line stickers securing more than 500 million downloads; Line Webtoon having 3 million active monthly users; and Rabbit Line Pay posting more than 2 million users. 
Thailand is officially Line's second-largest market. More than 83 per cent of Thailand's mobile users use Line, spending one-third of their mobile time using Line apps.
Ariya Banomyong, managing director of Line Thailand, said that in 2016 LINE announced its vision to go beyond chat, transforming from an app to a platform. 
With 500 million sticker downloads in 2016, stickers remain Thais' favourite way of communicating and expressing emotions.
"In 2017, we will keep walking the walk. Beyond business, we will continue to support the growth of the digital ecosystem and bring useful services to the Thai people," said Ariya.
Line Thailand also announced "10 Fascinating Things to Know About Line". 
Line messaging service was launched in 2011 in Japan, after the earthquake and tsunami tragedy damaged the country's telecoms infrastructure. Eight-three per cent of all mobile-based Internet users in Thailand use Line.
The Line Thailand office was established in 2014, and today it is Line's second-biggest market in the world after Japan.
Line's sticker set "Chat & Charity", featuring cartoon characters drawn by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, was the first local CSR sticker set in Thailand. Thailand is the No 1 market for Line for the average number of sent-images daily.
Line's revenues come from online advertising, communications, contents, and Line character licensing. 
Line TV was launched in Thailand before anywhere else in the world, making its debut in October 2014.
The Line Friend Sally is actually a female. People always think that Sally is a duck. However, she is very strong, with a ravenous appetite that far outmatches her tiny size.
Choco is Brown's littler sister. She is a fashionista who loves social media and snapping selfies. She was introduced at the Line Tokyo Conference 2016 in March. She can be clearly identified by the cute ribbon in her hair. 
In addition to Sally and Choco, there are nine more Friends characters: 
Brown: He is tight-lipped, and loves nature, sunbathing and creating. 
Cony: She is always cheerful, and likes yummy food and cute stuff. 
Moon: He is rather whimsical, always riding an emotional roller- coaster. 
James: He is a narcissist who is very interested in his looks and loves himself more than anything. 
Jessica: She is very girly and good at everything. She likes cleaning and shopping.
Boss: He is a typical old guy who likes seafood, poetry and to be loved.
Leonard: He is quiet and intro
verted. He prefers having time alone.
Edward: He is a clever and sharp-witted caterpillar who likes exploring, observing and Sally. 
Pangyo: He is a cute and tender panda who full of ideas. He is infatuated with Choco.

Published : February 14, 2017