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Chevrolet’s ‘Tech Eyes’ spot the problem faster

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Chevrolet is utilising online diagnostic technology to solve complex repair problems more effectively.

The automaker said “Tech Eyes” support from engineers at the General Motors Thailand Technical Assistance Centre are helping Chevrolet dealerships countrywide.
Tech Eyes enables service technicians to teleconference with GM engineers using a wireless headphone/microphone, HD webcam, high-speed Internet and Skype to diagnose and fix issues in real time.
Chevrolet said diagnosis takes a third of the time.
“Tech Eyes is a quicker, more efficient and effective process compared to how it was done in the past, when technicians didn’t have eyes-on support and had to rely on text-based communication in the GM system or phone calls to troubleshoot repair problems,” said Worapan Phunman, aftersales development director at Chevrolet Thailand. 

Chevrolet’s ‘Tech Eyes’ spot the problem faster
“Tech Eyes enables our technicians to complete repairs faster for our customers’ convenience and satisfaction.”
He said Chevrolet Thailand introduced Tech Eyes last year and is one of the few automotive brands in Thailand to offer such a service. 
Chevrolet plans to upgrade Tech Eyes this year with flexible “snake” cameras to reach hard-to-see places in the engine, such as the combustion chamber and oil gallery, as well as the latest noise- and vibration-measurement tools. 
The latter will be especially useful during new 4G Wi-Fi-enabled test-drives to help technicians diagnose noise and vibration problems that are easier to detect while driving.

Chevrolet’s ‘Tech Eyes’ spot the problem faster

Published : July 30, 2019

By : The Nation