Mon, August 15, 2022


Tech giants crack down on Russia’s RT, Sputnik News over misinformation fears

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A host of tech companies have limited distribution of Russian news outlets RT and Sputnik and blocked advertising as the European Commission readies a ban on the two out of concern that they are spreading misinformation.

Alphabet parent Google said on Tuesday that it had blocked mobile apps connected to RT and Sputnik on the Play Store, after removing the Russian state publishers.

Facebook owner Meta, YouTube and TikTok have said they are blocking access to RT and Sputnik in the European Union.

On Tuesday, Meta said it was globally demoting posts from Russian state media.

Meanwhile, Twitter said it would comply with sanctions on the two news outlets when the EU order takes effect.

“The European Union sanctions will likely legally require us to withhold certain content in EU member states,” Twitter told Reuters.

Outside the EU, it would continue to focus on reducing the visibility of these outlets and put a warning label on them.

Apple said on Tuesday that RT and Sputnik were no longer available on its App Store outside Russia.

Published : March 03, 2022