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SUNDAY, December 10, 2023

Wall chargers, special power meters to be installed to promote EVs

Wall chargers, special power meters to be installed to promote EVs
FRIDAY, March 18, 2022

The government will install wall chargers and and special power meters for charging batteries of electric vehicles to promote the use of EVs, the energy minister said.

Deputy Prime Minister and Energy Minister Supattanapong Punmeechaow made the promise during the “Go Green 2022” seminar on Thursday when he was talking about green businesses.

The energy minister said the government would make it more convenient for people to recharge their battery electric vehicles (BEV) at home to promote the sale of EVs, and drive the EV industry in the country.

“The government is preparing to open counters to help EV buyers in what we can do,” Supattanapong said.

“To make it more convenient for buyers, we will help install wall chargers at their homes and apply for special meters for them. We will coordinate with the Provincial Electricity Authority and Metropolitan Electricity Authority. We’ll make it as a one-stop service so that EV buyers will not have to be worried and this should promote the use of EVs.”

The energy minister stopped short of saying who will be responsible for the expenses. At present, some auto brands or dealers offer free wall chargers and installations for their buyers.

The special meters, the energy minister referred to are single phase electricity meters with 100-amp load capacity, or three-phase electricity meter with at least 30-amp capacity for each phase. Currently, most homes are installed with a single-phase meter with 15-amp load capacity, or 45-amp load capacity, which is not enough for recharging EVs, especially while using other high power-consuming electric appliances, such as air-conditioners at the same time.

Supattanapong added that the government has announced an EV-promotion package with the goal that EVs make up 30 per cent of all vehicles manufactured in the country by 2030.

He said the goal is to make Thailand a hub for manufacturing all types of vehicles.

The promotion package is aimed at getting auto manufacturers to make EVs in the country. Several auto brands have welcomed the subsidy package, the energy minister added.

“The government believes EVs will be made in the country in the next three years,” Supattanapong added.

He said the making of EV batteries in the country will follow in about five years and 12,000 more recharging stations will be built around the country.

The energy minister also encouraged motorists to visit the 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show 2022 at the Challenger Hall in Muang Thong Thani, saying several models of BEVs will be on sale.