Mon, January 24, 2022


Islands off Trang popular with tourists, divers

Lao Liang and Changkap islands sit on the opposing side of Trang province in southern Thailand, known for the abundance of anemones, gorgonians, and soft corals.

Both islands, in the southern part of the sea off Trang and close to Satun province, are under the supervision of the Mu Ko Phetra National Park.
Many tourists visit the islands during the New Year period and the Songkran festival.
Preuk Ubonkerd, manager of Modtanoy Resort in Trang, said the islands were popular with tourists, especially Lao Liang which consists of Lao Liang Pi (the big one) and ‘Lao Liang Nong’ (the small one).
An major attraction of Lao Liang is its colorful anemones and soft corals under the sea.

“There are about ten days in a month when the sea is safe for diving” he added.
The ‘Changkap’ island is small, shaped like a pile of rocks in the middle of sea. It is located near ‘Phetra’ island, a attractive diving site with a large population of gorgonians in shallow water.
“In one month, there are about eight or ten days when conditions are right for diving activities at Changkap island, However, diving time is limited to two hours at the most as strong currents make it dangerous for divers in shallow water” he said.

Published : January 25, 2020