Day-time curfew rumours lead to shop and school closures in Sagaing


Shops closed and parents rushed to schools to pick up their children, following rumours that a curfew had been imposed banning public members from leaving home after 2 p.m. in the town of Sagaing on Monday.

Concerned by the rumour that they would not leave after 2 p.m., most residents began closing shops and fetching their children from schools after 12 p.m.

“I'm not sure, but they are worried that they rushed to the schools to collect their children. The shops in marketplaces are closed, and the streets are busy. I also received a phone call from my child’s school to fetch him," said a local resident in Sagaing.

 "The shops in the market are scared and shut down, so when I asked them (authorities), they said there was no such curfew," a shopkeeper said.

The news that the people needed to stay at home after 2 p.m. began in western villages, causing chaos, said one local resident.

During the past few days, a police officer and his wife were killed in a village on the west side of the Ngahetgyi Pagoda in Sagaing. In those western villages, there have reportedly been military operations and arrests these days. 

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