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MONDAY, June 05, 2023
Coca-Cola launches new sugar-free Coke with scent of orange

Coca-Cola launches new sugar-free Coke with scent of orange

THURSDAY, July 09, 2020

The Coca Cola system in Thailand has said it has introduced a healthier choice of soft drink.

"Coke No Sugar Orange", with the fizzy taste of ‘Coke’ is complemented with the fresh scent of orange, for the first time in Thailand, based on consumer preference for orange as one of the most preferred flavours after Cola, the company said.

The launch is in line with the trend for more health-conscious lifestyles in Thai society, the company said.

Munthana Lorgrailers, marketing director of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd, said: “... Thai consumers’ more health-conscious lifestyles are reflected through the rapid growth of sugar-free beverages at 52.5 per cent growth rate – or four times higher than that of the overall carbonated drinks segment, with our ‘Coke No Sugar’ as the brand with the highest market share...

“The launch of ‘Coke No Sugar Orange’ represents our resumption of full-range marketing activities after activities were paused at the end of March for Covid-19 community relief and response efforts," said Munthana.

"Coke No Sugar Orange" is now available across the country. For more information, visit