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Technology agency links with Mercedes-Benz on electric vehicle batteries

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The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) has partnered with Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd to collaborate in research, development and technology transfer to support battery testing for electric vehicles (EVs).



Both said in a joint statement that the NSTDA’s PTEC (Electrical and Electronic Products Testing Centre) is now the first electric vehicle battery testing laboratory in Thailand. Its mission is to help establish the country's infrastructure to support the automotive industry in the future.
The activities include the establishment of a battery-testing laboratory and autonomous vehicle testing laboratories.
By targeting the use of battery testing lab facilities in Thailand, the organisations aim to develop knowledge and to sharpen skills of testing professionals in the country to meet the policy standard for the modern automotive industry, as well as to develop the production base of EV batteries in Thailand in order to align with international quality standards.

Published : August 02, 2019

By : The Nation