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Too much paperwork pulling down Thai education system: Democrat

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After a teacher posted images of her resignation letter on social media, saying she was quitting due to needless paperwork, the deputy leader of Democrat Party said this pointed to the failure of Thailand’s education system.

Prof Dr Kanok Wongtrangan said he has often spoken up about teachers’ workload and how it is a dangerous trap that is pulling down the quality of Thai education.

He pointed out that teachers are so overburdened with administrative jobs that they do not have time to focus on teaching.

Hence, he said, he has five solutions:

• Cut down the time students spend listening to lectures and instead work on developing an analytical mindset.

• Remove unnecessary subjects and add topics that are relevant to students’ lives.

• Cut down on homework and motivate youngsters to do more research.

• Reduce tests and exams.

• Cut down on unnecessary protocols for teachers to follow so they can spend more time with their students.

Published : November 15, 2021