Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Bosch showcases advances in technology for businesses, consumers

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Bosch is featuring its Web-enabled connected solutions and technologies at Bosch Innovation House in True Digital Park, where visitors can view advances in hardware, software and services.
The company said it is showcasing a culture of mutual collaboration between entrepreneurs and corporations to “empower local SME’s and other innovation-driven enterprises to enhance business partnerships” with Bosch.
“Bosch has a proven track record in leveraging strategic collaboration with private and public stakeholders in commercialising connected solutions ranging from smart home indoor cameras, smart inventory management, smart environment monitoring systems, virtual reality, machine learning as well as AI-driven applications in self-driving cars,” the company said.
“Studies show that open innovation approaches boost efficiency in innovation processes by 60 to 90 per cent. That is why partnerships are the key success factor in the ongoing digital transformation as underlined in the recent BCG study ‘The most Innovative Companies 2018’.”

Published : August 02, 2019

By : The Nation