Fri, October 15, 2021


Police chief rejects protesters claim of violent tactics

The authorities have dismissed the anti-establishment REDEM (Restart Democracy) group’s claims of police using violent measures in the crackdown on Sunday.

Things got ugly when riot police stepped in to control the crowd as it tried to make its way to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s Army residence in the 1st Infantry Regiment complex in Bangkok.

In posts on the Free Youth group’s Facebook page, REDEM members said they were powerless against police officers armed with shields, batons, rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannon.

According to the Erawan Emergency Medical Service Centre, 32 people – 22 police officers and 10 protesters – were injured during clashes, and a police officer died from a heart attack while on duty.

National Police chief Pol General Suwat Jangyodsuk visited the injured officers before announcing the crackdown on Sunday was in line with international standards.

He admitted that though some officers were armed with stun guns, they did not use them against the protesters.

As for police officers’ refusal to answer questions about where the arrested protesters had been taken, he said officers will be instructed to provide details on the detainees.

Suwat also denied REDEM’s claim that the deputy inspector from Thammasala Police Station had suffered a heart attack because he had been made to exert himself too much during the crackdown.


Published : March 01, 2021

By : The Nation