Fri, September 24, 2021


Police pilot ‘Smart Safety Zones’ for women

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The Royal Thai Police (RTP) are piloting 15 “Smart Safety Zones” around the country in a bid to make secluded streets and lonely alleys safer for women.



A clip of “Smart Safety Zone 4.0” project published by the RTP on Thursday showed a network of CCTV cameras, mobile vans and drones connected with a control room. Each Smart Safety Zone also features automated call-in stations to report suspicious activity or crimes, and SOS poles with QR codes that give users access to a police emergency app via their phones.

The project was initiated by national police chief Suwat Jangyodsuk with the aim of extending the presence of the police into all corners of cities.

Smart Safety Zones are being piloted at police stations in Bangkok (Lumpini, Huai Khwang and Phasi Charoen) Nonthaburi (Pak Kret), Nakhon Ratchasima (Pak Chong), and Muang districts of Samut Prakan, Ratchaburi, Pattaya, Phuket, Hat Yai, Prachin Buri, Chiang Mai, Udon Thani, Phitsanulok and Rayong. 

“Women should be able to enter alleys and their houses alone after 9pm without any fears,” said police chief Suwat.

Published : September 02, 2021