Sat, October 16, 2021


Something’s brewing inside this Chonburi bus

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A college student in Chonburi decided to put her father’s unused tour bus to good use and earn some cash for her family as well.

On Wednesday, a Nation Thailand reporter chanced upon a Chonburi-Pluak Daeng bus parked near the entrance of Wat Pa Thammachart’s meditation centre in Chonburi’s Ban Bung district.

The bus sported a banner reading “This is a shop”.

The reporter saw people walking in and out of the bus and decided to check it out. Inside, the bus had been renovated into a coffee shop selling drinks and snacks. The makeshift coffee shop also offered free wi-fi to customers.

Something’s brewing inside this Chonburi bus Something’s brewing inside this Chonburi bus

Thitima Imsa-ard, 16, told the reporter that her dad had lent her the bus because bus services in the district had been suspended due to Covid-19.

So, she talked her dad into removing the seats inside and help her turn it into a makeshift coffeeshop. Thitima said her novel coffeeshop is attracting a lot more customers than an ordinary one would have.

“People stop by all day to pick up drinks and snacks, and this income is helping our family during the pandemic. Once bus services are allowed, the seats will be reinstalled and the bus will start picking up passengers,” she said.

Published : September 16, 2021