Sat, October 23, 2021


Covid cases and related deaths in Thailand see a decline

Thailand logged 14,109 new cases and 122 deaths over the past 24 hours on Saturday. Of the new cases, 854 were in prisons.

The situation was an improvement on Friday's 14,555 cases and 171 deaths.

Meanwhile, 13,280 patients have recovered and been discharged over the past 24 hours.

Thailand’s total caseload from Covid-19 stands at 1,462,901 – 1,317,527 of whom have recovered, 130,128 are still in hospitals and 15,246 have died.

Separately, another 175,306 people were given their first Covid-19 shot in the last 24 hours, 371,686 their second shot and 332 a booster shot, bringing total Covid-19 vaccine doses administered nationwide to 43,889,427.

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Thailand recorded 14,109 Covid-19 cases and 122 deaths on Saturday.

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According to Worldometer, confirmed cases globally had risen to 228.41 million on Saturday, 204.99 million of whom have recovered, 18.73 million are active cases (100,503 in severe condition) and 4.69 million have died (up by 8,487).

Thailand ranks 29th on the global list of most cases, which is topped by the US with 42.80 million, followed by India with 33.42 million, Brazil with 21.10 million, the UK with 7.37 million and Russia with 7.23 million.

Published : September 18, 2021