Sun, October 17, 2021


Phuket opens special clinic to deal with Covid cases

Phuket on Friday opened “Clinic Oon Jai”, an all-in-one centre, to manage Covid-19 patients.

The Ministry of Public Health has suggested three measures for Phuket, which are organising rapid response teams, control teams to prevent clusters, and establish “Clinic Oon Jai”.

The ministry said that these measures must be implemented in two weeks, or by the end of this month.

The clinic will receive patients with antigen test results (ATK) or with results from clinics and labs.

The objective is to enable all patients to be able to access medical service quickly and easily according to severity and risk factors, officials said. The clinic also aims to leave no patient in the community.

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The clinic will be used as a waiting centre for patients and will open the one-stop service centre with 20 lines at 0-7625-4200.

People who test positive with the ATK will be verified. The clinic will examine, diagnose and treat the disease. There are also lab and basic radiology tests by specialists. The medics will also symptomatically treat and give Favipiravir to patients in houses, communities and hotels.

Phuket opens special clinic to deal with Covid cases Phuket opens special clinic to deal with Covid cases

Published : September 18, 2021