Somsak sees huge potential in exporting kratom to Europe, America


Justice Minister Somsak Thepsuthin aims to push kratom as an economic plant to be exported throughout Europe and America, because of the herbs medical properties.

Somsak told the Komchadluek show on Nation TV on Tuesday that as kratom has been legalised since August 14, the herb has become the new alternative plant for farmers to grow.

He expected huge benefits from export of kratom to Europe and America, as the herb can only be grown in areas with hot and humid weather.

The minister said that abroad, kratom is consumed for physical health.

“In America, kratom is used to help drug addicts, also to cure depression and diabetes, relieve pain and reduce symptoms up to 5-8 times better than morphine. We are currently conducting a research to treat amphetamine addicts with the herb. The trading of fresh kratom leaves can be done legally, and we urge farmers to plant the herb as they obtain more knowledge. However, if used to produce capsules, the permission from the Thai Food and Drug Administration will be required,” said Somsak.

The minister strongly disagreed with the consumption of "4X100", which is a kratom drink mixed with cough syrup, Coca-Cola and ice. He said the drink needs to be banned as it will cause further problems to the legalisation of the herb, which had been a long difficult procedure.

“The Office of the Narcotics Control Board will organise a seminar on 'Thai Kratom to the World Market' on Monday to promote and raise awareness about the law, and create economic opportunities for the plantation of kratom,” the minister added.