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Rice Growers Association urges govt to reveal 1st installment price forthwith

The Thai Rice Growers Association called on the government to immediately reveal the price of the first installment of insured rice and pay farmers the money after promises were made that this would be done by October 15.

Chairman Suthep Khongmak was one of the members of the Rice Policy and Management Committee, chaired by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

According to Suthep, the committee feels that the government does not have enough money to pay farmers.

Suthep said the panel approved a budget of THB89 billion for rice price insurance on August 23. He added that the insured price was still high compared to the current cost.

Suthep said he spoke to politicians and they told him the price would be revealed soon but could not say exactly when.

He said he knew “it was no use to rush them”.

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Suthep claimed the prime minister actually said in the committee meeting that the Commerce Ministry and the Finance Ministry were responsible.

Suthep however believed there would be no problem because the scheme was approved by the committee. It was up to the Cabinet when to approve it.

Meanwhile, the Thai Farmers Support association said on Wednesday that the Department of Internal Trade (DIT) has not yet revealed the price.

The DIT said the issue was sent to the Cabinet and the department was expecting the Finance Ministry to reveal the price on Thursday.

President Vichai Chitayawong said the price would have to be revealed before Thursday ends according to the committee.

The association warned it would hold a press conference if the government breaks its promise and does not reveal the price.

Vichai added that he believed Deputy Prime Minister Jurin Laksanawisit after Jurin gave “promises” to the association on the issue.


Published : October 14, 2021