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WEDNESDAY, February 01, 2023
Chiang Mai resident turns Covid crisis into a brightly hued opportunity

Chiang Mai resident turns Covid crisis into a brightly hued opportunity

FRIDAY, October 15, 2021

A businesswoman in Chiang Mai has turned the Covid-19 crisis into an opportunity by cashing in on people’s love for brightly coloured foliage. She now imports nearly 20-million-baht worth of Caladium bicolor, or Angel Wings, every month to meet the demand.

Nawisa Moolta says enthusiasts are willing to pay a high price for variegated plants, especially if the markings are rare or unusual.

She said the red variety has proved to be the most popular, as has the white or albino version.

Also, she said, people are willing to pay up to 200,000 for the rare Caladium bicolor landrace species.

Nawisa added that she sources her plants from China and the Netherlands and usually sells them at between 3,500 baht and 5,500 baht per box of 20.

She said her main buyers are flower markets in Loei’s Phu Ruea district and in Nakhon Nayok’s Ongkharak district. She has also been selling the plants via the Facebook page “In Love Caladium”.

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She said her business has picked up so much that she now imports 10 shipping containers per month, though the plants are only available during the rainy season.

The Caladium bicolor is popular in other Asian countries, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia.