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MONDAY, September 26, 2022
Thais quite happy, survey shows

Thais quite happy, survey shows

MONDAY, October 25, 2021

The mean gross happiness of Thais is 6.71 out of 10, which is the criterion of being "quite happy", a Super Poll survey showed.

Super Poll Research Centre director Noppadon Kannika, along with Chularat Niratsayakul, an independent scholar in agriculture and rural development, presented the results of the survey of 1,092 people across the country, conducted from October 15-23.

The rank of overall happiness of Thai people in security, politics and bureaucracy (full score 10):
No.1: To see Thai people unite, showing loyalty gratitude to the King and the kingdom of Thailand, 8.48 points
No.2: Concerning the work of civil servants and the bureaucracy, 4.98 points
No.3: Due to the Covid-19 crisis and the economic situation, 3.63 points
No.4: When thinking about conflicts or divisions of people in the nation, 3.56 points
No.5: The level of happiness towards Thai politics, 3.51 points

Thais quite happy, survey shows
The gross rank of Thai people’s happiness in social aspect (full score 10):
No.1: The happiness score when thinking of their own family, 9.12 points
No.2: The happiness in religions and cultural traditions, 9.09 points
No.3: When thinking about one's own physical health, 8.55 points
No.4: The level of happiness concerning mental health, 8.25 points
No.5: The happiness towards relationships among the communities, 8.19 points
No.6: Concerning safety in life and property, 6.76 points
The rank of happiness gross in terms of economy (full score 10):
No.1: Concerning the implementation of the sufficiency economy principle, 8.57 points
No.2: The happiness level towards career, 7.83 points
No.3: When thinking about property, land assets and housing, 7.39 points
No.4: The opening of the country to revitalise the economy and solve the crisis, 6.43 points
No.5: The happiness score due to debt, both in the system and in the informal system, 4.42 points


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The gross of Thai people's happiness averaged at 6.71 out of 10 which interprets that the people are “quite happy”.

Thais quite happy, survey shows