Fri, December 03, 2021


Bangkok prepares to reopen selected schools on Nov. 1

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) this week announced the list of 63 schools in the province that will offer on-site classrooms from November 1, the start of second semester of academic year 2021.

“Schools that will reopen must comply to Ministry of Education’s “Sandbox: Safety Zone in School” measures, which include the implementation of DMHT-RC and SSET-CQ practices,” said Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang on Saturday.

The DMHT-RC refers to Distancing, Mask wearing, Hand washing, Testing for Covid, Reducing crowdedness, and Cleaning. Meanwhile, the SSET-CQ practices include Self-care, using serving Spoon, Eating hot foods, Tracking movement, Checking oneself, and Quarantine.

“In case a new confirmed patient was found in a classroom, BMA will issue an order to shut down the class for three days for cleaning,” said Aswin. “If confirmed patients were found in more than one classes, the school may consider shutting down the entire grade for three days for cleaning.”

Aswin added that if students, teachers or staffers suspect that they might have contracted Covid-19, they can stay in home isolation for 14 days to monitor their symptoms. The persons that have close contact with suspected patients can continue coming to school while closely monitoring their symptoms.

BMA also reported that as of Saturday, 34,287 students aged 12-18 years in Bangkok have applied to get Covid-19 jabs. Of these, 30,135 students are of middle school level and 4,152 students are of high school level. So far, 27,039 middle school students and 3,502 high school students in Bangkok have received their first jabs.

Published : October 30, 2021