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THURSDAY, September 28, 2023

Urban trains still pull up at Hua Lamphong, insists SRT

Urban trains still pull up at Hua Lamphong, insists SRT
SATURDAY, December 11, 2021

The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) on Friday dismissed rumor circulated on social media that urban trains no longer stop at Bangkok Railway Station, also known as Hua Lamphong, under SRT’s order in a bid to force commuters to use Red Line trains instead.

“Many have speculated that the number of Red Line train users has been rising lately, while some said that it was due to SRT’s ban of urban trains from stopping at Hua Lamphong,” said Ekkarat Sri-Arayanphong, chief of SRT public relation centre. “This is simply not true. All urban trains are still pulling up at Hua Lamphong station.”

Ekkarat clarified that Red Line trains are seeing more users since the route can fulfill the need of more commuters in Bangkok areas. “Moreover, currently SRT collects the fare of Red Line trains starting at only 12 baht, as we aim to reduce people’s financial burden by offering affordable, high quality public transport services,” he added.

Ekkarat further added that from December 23 onward urban trains running from Bang Sue Grand Station to Rangsit Station will shift to using elevated tracks similar to the Red Line trains, while the territorial routes will be discontinued. Five territorial stations/stops therefore will be shut down, namely Bang Khen Station, Lak Si Station, Km. 11 Stop, Thung Song Hong Stop, and Keha Km.19 Stop.

“The discontinuation of territorial routes is not a plan to replace urban trains with Red Line trains. It aims to make the fullest use of elevated tracks as well as to use Red Line’s infrastructure to support urban trains in other routes,” said Ekkarat.