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SUNDAY, December 10, 2023

Manhunt for guard after handcuff-rape at luxury Bangkok condo

Manhunt for guard after handcuff-rape at luxury Bangkok condo
WEDNESDAY, January 05, 2022

Police are hunting for a security guard who allegedly raped a woman at her luxury condominium in Bangkok’s Bang Khae district on Tuesday night.

The female resident, 36, said the guard barged into her flat before handcuffing and sexually assaulting her at 1.50am. She managed to escape the room and call the police. However, they were barred from entering the condo, giving time for the security guard to escape.

The resident told police she had returned from errands and was about to enter her room on the 7th floor when she realised she had left the key inside. She went downstairs to ask for help from the condo’s chief security guard. The guard called a locksmith, who opened the door and then left.

Later, the resident answered a knock at the door to find the guard standing outside. She said he pushed her back into the apartment, locked the door, shackled her and warned her not to make a noise. She told police that he raped her and then fell asleep, giving her the chance to get dressed, run downstairs and call the police.

Six Phet Kasem police officers arrived at the scene but were denied entry by a receptionist.

Two hours passed before security camera footage was examined to reveal the suspect had dumped the handcuffs in the garbage. Police then checked the guard’s apartment but found it empty.

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The female resident was taken to Siriraj Hospital and will be questioned later by police.

Officers have requested an arrest warrant for the suspect, named as Montree Yaikratok, 40.

The same man was reportedly found guilty of raping a 15-year-old girl in Sa Kaew province in 2013. He was released from prison in 2017.

The condominium’s operator said it had used the security company for three years and received no complaints from residents. It blamed the security company for not checking the suspect’s criminal record before hiring him.