Sat, May 28, 2022


How many Covid-19 jabs do we really need? Dr Yong has the answer

In a Facebook post on Thursday, expert virologist Dr Yong Poovorawan said that many people have been asking how many Covid-19 shots are necessary for protection against the novel coronavirus.

“Some people are so concerned that they have already had five jabs – the first two Sinovac, followed by one AstraZeneca and then two Moderna shots,” Yong said. “The jab recipients claim Sinovac should not be counted as an effective vaccine because it offers significantly low immunity against the virus.

“In reality, getting vaccinated to boost immunity is like filling a container with water,” Yong said. “A container can only hold a certain amount of liquid based on its capacity. Adding more water after it has been filled is only wasteful.

“To stay safe from Covid-19, getting the first two jabs is mandatory. After an appropriate time, the recipient should get a booster shot to keep their immunity high,” Yong said. “One should not get a fourth or fifth shot too soon, as the immunity built by the third shot has not reduced and the additional doses will be a waste.”

Yong added that the fourth shot should only be taken three to six months after the third shot, and if it is an mRNA vaccine, then a six-month waiting period is recommended.

“Though there is no such thing as a vaccine overdose, vaccines can still have adverse side effects,” Yong added.

Published : January 21, 2022